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About the HSL

Since 2002, Hillcrest Softball League has been a staple for Sunday morning softball enthusiasts in Queens and Long Island. Now, after a recent rebrand, we've evolved into two specialized leagues: the Titan League and the Legacy League. Each league is tailored to unique interests and varying levels of competition, offering an expanded experience for all players.

The HSL Legacy League will exemplify the traditional recreational softball program That we have run since 2002

It will be the game that we have played on Sundays in Queens and Long Island for the past 22 years.

Typically, there will be one contest a week for each team, and all games will be 9 innings long. The HSL Legacy league will be a competitive, yet social Sunday softball program.

The HSL Titan League will be the new powerhouse softball league in the area, presenting the best players in our community and promoting fierce competition

The program will be fast paced, leading to strong rivalries each Sunday morning.

Titan League contests will be 7 innings long, with more games overall; half the weeks will be doubleheaders. There will be a few rule differences as compared to the Legacy program such as a farther mound, tighter lineup rules, and fewer mercy chances.

Both programs will be run under the same Hillcrest Softball League umbrella that was established back in 2002

The league has a new commissioner this year in Avi Adelman, who is poised to take the HSL to the next level. The organization of the Hillcrest Softball League will still be done (as always) by the great league founder and president, Ariel Cohen, who has two and a half decades of sports organizational experience.

We are excited to blend the new and the old in the upcoming Hillcrest Softball League season.

No matter your preference for game play, we have a fun and exciting softball league for everyone.

Join us! For more information and to register, please contact us at (567) 442-8398.

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